API Docs

The owo.vc API is allowed for programmatic use to anyone free of charge. Abuse of the API can and will lead to access being revoked. It is requested that you provide contact information in the User-Agent header, but not required.

POST /generate

Generates a new link. Requires a JSON body with the following structure.

{ "link": "https://gordhoard.org", "generator": "owo", "preventScrape": true, "owoify": false }

link is a valid HTTP/S scheme link that the user is to be redirected to.

generator is the generator format to use. Currently owo, gay, zws, and sketchy are available.

preventScrape is a boolean that determines if metadata scraping should be blocked.

owoify determines if metadata will be owoified. Has no effect if metadata scraping is blocked.

GET /info/:link

Return current information on the given owo.vc link. Link must be encoded as a URI component.